• Quietness in your home
    TUBO ducted vacuum systems are placed in your home in such a way as to virtually eliminate the noise caused by vacuum cleaning.
  • The TUBO System
    A simple and elegant solution for any home
  • Leaders in Innovation
    A strong commitment to Research and Development results in constant comparison and contrasting of new technologies on a daily basis, to create a healthier environment and more comfortable living spaces.

The TUBO Ducted Vacuum System

The innovative TUBO ducted vacuum system is what separates Aertcnica from all the others.  Below are just a sample of some of the questions you may have about TUBO.

  1. What is TUBO?

    TUBÒ is an innovative ducted vacuum system for cleaning environments that improves the quality of the air we breathe. Unlike a normal portable vacuum cleaner, TUBÒ uses vacuum inlet sockets and pipes inserted in the walls that suck up the dust and take it to a central unit situated in a separate room (far from the room we are cleaning) to remove mites and micro-dust perfectly and silently, leaving the air in the home a real pleasure to breathe.

  2. How does TUBO work?

    TUBÒ is as simple as it is practical and original.  The long flexible hose is inserted in inlet valve sockets in the walls of the home and the dust collected disappears “behind the wall”, piped into a central unit situated in a separate environment far from the rooms we live in.  No more old vacuum cleaner dragged around the house looking for suitable power sockets, no more stress with extension leads that aren’t long enough and knocking against doors and furniture. Now there are just strategically placed inlet valve sockets where you can insert the flexible hose for use with the most suitable accessory or brush for the type of surface to be cleaned.

  3. Where can I install a TUBO system?

    The power unit of the TUBÒ ducted vacuum system is situated in a separate environment far from the rooms we live in, for example in a garage, in a plant room or cellar, etc. This lets you use the system at any time because it’s very quiet.  

  4. Is TUBO suitable for allergy suffers?

    One of the biggest differences between traditional vacuum cleaners and ducted vacuum systems lies in recycling the dust.  In fact, while the first blows the dust back into the atmosphere, the second removes it totally, transporting it through pipes in walls to the room where it is collected in the power unit, therefore guaranteeing total cleanliness of the environment and efficiently removing bed bugs and particles of micro-dust. Inside the power unit the dust is filtered by special polyester filters, then the clean air is blown out. The dust doesn’t come into contact with the user.

  5. Can TUBO be installed in an existing home?

    Yes, in most cases a TUBO ducted vacuum system can be fitted into an existing home.   Ceiling or attic space, cupboards and ducting areas, and under floor space is used to install the 50mm piping leading from the central power unit to the strategically placed wall inlet valve sockets.  TUBO ducted vacuum systems may also be installed when renovations or additions to a home are being made.  It is best to seek the advice of a recognised vacuum system installer, and he will probably wish to inspect your home before giving a quote or detailed advice. 

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